Best Christmas Ever 2022

Be Kind 2 People is in need of partners to allow us to provide
what this special family needs this Christmas season.

Be Kind 2 People has the priviledge in partnering with Best Christmas Ever. We are excited to bless this wonderful family this year. Kate (mom) works tirelessly for a local non-profit helping families and children in the community. Maurice (dad) is a very talented artist, photographer and musician who recently lost his job. Leaving Kate as the sole provider for their family. Kate and Maurice have two beautiful daughters Brooke (5) and Jordan (2). Brooke is a very sweet little girl who suffers from emotional disorders that require both physical therapy and counseling services. The family can no longer afford needed services due to a change in insurance coverage. Their out of pocket cost for Brooke’s therapy and counseling would be $3400 each month. Kate and Maurice are selfless parents that continously stay positive through their challenges. Kate has made it her mission to help families in her community. Lets step up as a community for this amazing family to make this the Best Christmas Ever. Please click the links provided, purchase your gift of choice and hand deliver or have it sent directly to our team to get wrapped before delivery on Saturday December 24th.

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