Saturday, July 29, 2023, 9am Start

Run or walk a fast and flat 5K course at Bassett Creek Park  – 5609 32nd Ave North, Crystal
Medals and prizes awarded to top finishers as well as in 6 age categories!

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There is a path to positive change for everyone!

Who We Are

The ultimate goal of BeKind2People is to transform hopelessness into endless possibility for families and individuals in our community. We believe that by giving people access to sustainable resources that will assist in overcoming obstacles and barriers, our program can be the catalyst that an individual or family may need to regain confidence and composure, and assist in redirecting the course of their lives. These resources include counseling services, education and nutrition programs, veteran’s assistance, help with overcoming addiction, financial and housing programs, assistance with job placement, as well as food and health programs.

At BeKind2People, we can meet individuals where they are and illuminate pathways to personal restoration. We believe it is the alteration of a person’s current trajectory that will ultimately result in community restoration.


Empowering People to turn their dreams into reality by providing sustainable resources based on their needs.

What We Do

Our first initiative is free/subsidized individual and marital mental health counseling. We believe that if we can provide tools to people who are making intentional efforts to change the trajectory of their lives, we can help them create sustainable change. Without the opportunity to address mental health, many people are at a disadvantage in this process of transformation.

Our counselors have been meeting with clients since January, 2019 and we are hearing amazing testimonies of impact on their lives.

Financially walking along side BeKind2People will assist in providing these mental health services to clients who may not get help otherwise.

Every human being is recovering from something, whether it is a bad day at the office, a negative medical report, the loss of a job or the loss of a loved one.
At some point in life, we may all encounter times where we need a hand up.
Sometimes people just need others to BEKIND 2 them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform hopelessness into endless possibility, one life at a time, by providing sustainable resources to promote mental and physical well-being, and equipping individuals on the path to restoration.

Transforming hopelessness into endless possibility.

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Learn how you can be part of a community dedicated to making a difference in peoples lives
and helping them turn their dreams into reality.
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