Best Christmas Ever 2020

On December 28, 2016 at the age of 34, Pastor Tiffany Wendt was diagnosed with stage three triple-positive breast cancer. This was only the beginning of Tiffany’s battle with cancer. Small but fierce Tiffany took to the pulpit to overcome the overwhelming fear that blanketed her. Allowing God to use her battle for his glory as she surrendered her life for his purpose. As the enemy whispered fear over her circumstances. Tiffany continued to use her powerful testimony to prove fear is a liar. In 2017 Tiffany defeated her battle with cancer.

In July of 2019, Tiffany thought she was having side effects from a diagnosis of hepatitis A after a mission trip to Africa. Unfortunately, it was stage 4 breast cancer that now spread to her liver, lungs, bones, and other organs. Grateful for the life she lived. Even with her vertebrae cracked and broke from the cancer Tiffany lifted her hands and lead those around her in worship from her hospital room. On July 14, 2019, at the age of 37 the tenacious mother of 5 lost her short battle. Tiffany’s legacy lives on through her children Jack (15), Noah (13), Sally (10), Finn (8), and Beau (5).

Jeff and Tiffany Wendt were youth pastors for 9 years before God called them to start their own ministry at Canvas Church in Northfield. Tiffany’s husband Jeff continues to fulfill his calling as the lead pastor at Canvas, while adjusting to his new role as a teacher of 5 children for distance learning. Nights continue to be filled with tears and their hearts longing for Tiffany’s presence.

In the midst of the storm, Jeff met Allie. No stranger to loss Allie also lost the love of her life suddenly after a family trip with their two children Elijah (5), and Amos (4). Both Jeff and Allie were trying to piece together their broken hearts when God brought them together to continue this journey together. Jeff and Allie were happily engaged on November 4th of this year.

This Christmas we would love to bring joy to these two families that will soon become one. Jeff continues to bless and minister to others. Be Kind 2 People would love for you to walk alongside us as we get ready to bless the Wendt family in memory of Pastor Tiffany Wendt.

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