Best Christmas Ever 2021

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Erin and Andy are truly a one-of-a-kind couple who have been on an incredibly difficult journey.

Erin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lydia on October 7, 2013. Right after birth, there were complications and Lydia suffered a global anoxic brain injury. They didn’t think she would make it that first 24 hours. But Lydia was a fighter! She pulled through that first night and kept on fighting until May 31, 2020.

Through her short life, both Erin and Andy fought for their little girl to have the best quality of life that she could. In the Fall of 2019, Lydia was having uncontrollable seizures. They knew she was in pain. They decided it was time for palliative care. After about a month in palliative care, she was switched to hospice. Lydia passed away at home when she was 6 years old.

Lydia left a huge impression on those around her. Lydia was never verbal, she couldn’t walk, and she had to be fed through a feeding tube, but despite all of that, she was a bright light that could make you smile. Lydia had many many days of therapy, doctor’s appointments, procedures, hospital stays, and through it all, her parents were right there. Advocating for her every day. The stress and anxieties that Erin and Andy were dealing with were visible, but they never once complained.

The strength and grace both Erin and Andy have is incredible. Along this journey, they also welcomed 2 other beautiful children, Vera and Warren. This past year, Erin found out she is expecting a little girl due in April. At 10 weeks, Erin had right-sided weakness and went into the emergency room. The doctors performed a brain scan and lumbar puncture. She was diagnosed with MS. How much more can she take? She just got some exciting news about a beautiful Baby girl on the way, and now here she is being diagnosed with MS while still grieving Lydia, who will never meet her sister.

Yet, through it all, Erin’s strength is inspiring. She is full of Grace! She inspires those around her to live life to the fullest every day and not take it for granted. This family is amazing and they truly deserve to be blessed!

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